When they are being sued, or when their reputations or, in some cases, their careers are on the line, many lawyers call us. Over the firm’s history, we have represented a large number of lawyers and law firms ranging from sole practitioners and small firms, to elite personal injury firms, to regional and Amlaw 100 and 200 firms, and even large multinational firms who rank among the biggest law firms in the world.

Among the types of matters we have handled for lawyers, we have defended them in legal malpractice law suits; in fee disputes with clients and other law firms; in disciplinary proceedings and to defend against sanctions claims; in fee applications; as expert witnesses; and in a wide variety of general commercial matters, including partnership breakups and employment issues.

A large percentage of our cases come as referrals from other lawyers, primarily transactional lawyers who call us in when one of their client’s deals starts to fall apart or when a clients gets sued. We greatly value these referral sources, and work closely with them to assure that their client relationships remain intact while we are meeting the clients’ litigation needs. Indeed, many smaller firms think of us as their own outside litigation department, and regularly entrust us with their valued clients.

We also work closely with general counsel and members of in-house legal teams. These clients appreciate the “big firm” quality of our written work product and our management of cases within their guidelines and objectives, coupled with the more personalized service, responsiveness and flexibility of a smaller firm.