At ​Mrachek Law, our Florida securities litigation attorneys collectively have over eighty years of experience representing securities dealers and brokerages charged with a variety of unsuitability claims, ranging from individual securities dealers charged with breach of fiduciary duty to large commercial entities charged with multiple counts of securities broker churning, or misrepresentation involving several jurisdictions. Our Florida securities litigation lawyers routinely address matters involving:

  • Securities Broker Churning—when a securities broker or securities dealer engages in excessive trading with sole intention of generating commissions, with reckless disregard for the client’s financial interests and tolerance for risk.
  • Unsuitability—involves investment recommendations made to a client that are inconsistent with the client’s risk tolerance, needs and investment objectives.
  • Overconcentration—involves violating the principle of diversification by concentrating an investor’s portfolio in any individual investment, or type of investment.
  • Misrepresentation—when a securities broker fails to disclose facts such as investment risks or fees. Misrepresentation can also involve claiming to know how a stock is going to perform, or claiming to have “inside information.”

Our law firm is comprised of Florida securities litigation attorneys who have successfully represented hundreds of individual and commercial clients in state and federal courts. If you have been charged with a white-collar crime, chances are your criminal defense attorney will not be able to handle the civil court ramifications. Since white-collar crimes typically involve money, complex and protracted civil lawsuits frequently occur, and you may need our help.

Our Florida securities litigation lawyers maintain the highest level of dedication in civil representation, whether we are in front of a securities arbitrator or a civil trial judge. We have extensive experience in lawsuits involving commercial litigation, contracts, employer defense, intellectual property, insurance defense, and more.

If you have been charged with any type of civil securities violation or broker misconduct, call or contact Mrachek Law at once to schedule an appointment.