Manufacturers, distributors, dealers and even rental companies are all faced with significant liability under current product liability statutes. Often, companies which have done little more than pass products along in the stream of commerce, are forced to defend themselves against massive product liability claims. Other times, companies are confronted with dubious claims that their products are unsafe.

The attorneys of ​Mrachek Law, have the experience necessary to analyze and defend product liability claims of all kinds. With the assistance of engineers, human factors specialists and other experts from around the country, the Firm had defended design and manufacturing claims, as well as claims alleging improper warnings and operator instructions. These cases have involved such products as automobiles, automobile tires, aerial lifts, forklifts, concrete saws, generators, construction materials, pipe plugs, pharmaceuticals, pressure gauges, motor graders and security systems, to name a few

Like many of the larger firms involved in product liability litigation, ​Mrachek Law, has defended national and international companies against significant product liability claims. The trial lawyers of our Firm, however, bring a wealth of trial experience which sets our Firm apart from many of its peers.

If you need high quality, experienced Product Liability Litigation counsel, call or contact ​Mrachek Law to schedule an initial consultation.