At Mrachek Law, our Florida class action attorneys are involved in a wide variety of corporate civil litigation involving contracts, business torts, securities, intellectual property, bankruptcy, and employment litigation. At any one time we are involved in the defense of a number of class action lawsuits; we have also won verdicts against claims that initially exceeded one billion dollars. Please see our Representative Clients page for more than twenty published court opinions.

Indeed, our Florida class action attorneys are not only familiar with the idiosyncrasies of class action litigation and negotiation, but also have the connections and resources to sustain prolonged defenses, if necessary. In fact, many Florida civil litigation and class action attorneys frequently come to us for answers to their most difficult legal problems.

Preservation of Business Image and Operations

In today’s fast-paced business climate, a class action lawsuit can be detrimental to a company’s public image and operations. It is essential to maintain a positive public image while protecting all possible assets so the company can continue to meet vital business goals. Our established Florida class action attorneys can assist by bringing the collective resources and wisdom of this law firm to bear on this critical point.

For highly skilled class action lawsuit advice, contact Mrachek Law today.