Florida Arbitration & Real Estate Mediation Lawyers

Whether you need counsel to handle arbitration for a property dispute, or neutral mediators to help you hash out a complicated business dispute or contract matter, the experienced arbitration lawyers at ​Mrachek Law can help. With the exception of family law and domestic matters, we handle all aspects of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), arbitration and mediation, with an emphasis on the following.

  • Bankruptcy for Creditors
  • Brokerage Mishandling
  • Business Disputes
  • Contract Claims
  • Employer Defense
  • Estate & Trust Disputes
  • Insurance Defense
  • Intellectual Property
  • Private Arbitration
  • Probate Litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Technology Cases

The Arbitration Process—Faster and More Cost Effective than Trial

If your case involves Florida probate litigation, attorneys from both sides present arguments and evidence to a panel of one to three arbitrators with expertise in probate litigation, which then issues a binding decision. If your case involves securities, the panel will generally include at least one “industry person” from an organization such as the American Arbitration Association, or the National Association of Securities Dealers, and two non-industry arbitrators such as an attorney, retired judge, or banker. One of the most significant aspects of arbitration is that it does not involve depositions, motions or appeals; thus it is generally much faster and less expensive than civil court.

Whether your case involves a property dispute, securities or probate litigation, the lawyers you hire will have a critical effect on the outcome of your case.

Our trial attorneys have successfully defended the gamut of civil clients, from individuals with real estate purchase contract conflicts, to limited partnership disputes, to class actions involving insurance defense.

If you are considering ADR to resolve a civil dispute, our arbitration lawyers can represent you during arbitration or mediation. Call or contact Mrachek Law to schedule an initial consultation.